BAT003 Innotek Battery

Model : CR2 Lithium Battery

Compatible with the following model#:

Voltage : 3V

10 years Shelf Life

Perfect for Cameras, Medical Treatment Instrument, Lights, Radio, Electronic Lock, Electronic Meters, Photos, Night Vision, Flash Lights, Memory Back Up System,

Replacement lithium battery for the Tri-tronics Bark Limiter XS Bark Collar 3V Battery(Replacement battery for the Bark Limiter XS only. Will
not fit any Bark Limiter prior to this model.)

Replacement Battery for the PetSafe Deluxe Spray Bark Control Collar

Replacement Battery for the DogTek Electronic Dog Fence System EF-4000

Battery comes in packs of 2 pcs. Please purchase in mulitples of 2s.

BAT003 Innotek Battery is compatible with the following models:
BAT003, BAT-003, Innotek BAT-003, BAT003 Innotek, BAT-003 Innotek, Innotek BAT003,

This battery is used in the following devices:
Canon Prima Super 105 X AiAf Point and Shoot 35mm film
ATN Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars
NcStar Red/Green Laser with Base and Switch
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